5 reasons why Xiaomi Mi5 is better than Samsung Galaxy S7

Xiaomi Mi 5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 are 2 of the best flagships you can find today. However, there are 5 certain things Xiaomi Mi5 is better than its counterpart.

1. Xiaomi Mi5 is better in Camera

It is understandable that it has been controversial when comparing Xiaomi Mi5 camera vs that of Samsung Galaxy S7. I am not saying that the 16MP resolution on Xiaomi is better than the 12MP resolution on S7, as Samsung is pretty famous for their high-end camera feature. However, Xiaomi Mi5 camera does come along with several other features that can beat up its opponent. This is the first thing that Xiaomi Mi5 is better than S7.


First of all, the rear aperture of Xiaomi Mi5 camera is higher than that of Galaxy S7 (F2.0 VS F1.7), which ensures better light exposure and enhanced depth of the pictures taken. Secondly, let’s take a look at the glass cover the 2 companies picked. Xiaomi chose real sapphire for their Mi5 lens cover. Meanwhile, Samsung only used ordinary glass for Galaxy S7. This mean the lens of our Chinese smarpthone is better taken care of and less possible to be broken during your usage. Next, seems like Xiaomi Mi5 has better camera color reproduction. The conclusion has been come up with according to different user reviews. When considering real pictures take by both mobiles, we find Xiaomi Mi5 on the winning side. Last but not least, Xiaomi Mi5 is featured with dual LED Flash, while Galaxy S7 only sports a single one. This makes night time photo experience on Mi5 better than the other.



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