5 best gaming smartphones you’re dying to see in 2016

This year is promised to be the year of gaming smartphones. All the gaming smartphones which were launched last year are expected to be released in 2016. Let’s have a look at all of them again.

5 best gaming smartphones you're dying to see in 2016

1. Acer Predator 6

Last year, Acer expanded its gaming products from PC into mobile. And that was the time when the brothers: Acer Predator 8 (tablet) and Predator 6 (smartphone) were presented. This smartphone was called Predator 6 just because of its 6-inch Full HD display. If you ever had a chance to see the Predator 8, you will see the similarities on this phone. They were a match. The Predator 6 has a unusual shape with 4 red speakers housing at 4 corners. It sports an aluminum back panel and a lot of sharp lines. It looks very edgy.


The Predator 6 specs are expected to “dominate any game you throw at it”. It will be powered by  a deca-core Helio X20 MediaTek processor. It’s gonna feature a 4GB of RAM and 21MP on the back. And what make this device so special is a directional haptic feedback system. With this, the Predator 6 will give users an amazing gaming experience. The users will totally be immersed in the game world. The phone can also act as a standalone controller when it was equipped with this system.

5 best gaming smartphones you're dying to see in 2016


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