10 things NOT to do with your Android phones

Android phones are fantastic with a bunch of flexible applications and customization, however, it results in security lack. To completely enjoy using your Android phones, there are some things not to do that you may not know. So let’s check them out to protect your phone.

things not to do android phones

1. Don’t buy it on a plan

First and foremost, you need to own a phone. The worst approach to purchase a flagship cell phone is on a month to month contract. As for many Sony or Motorola phones, such as Sony Z5 or Moto X 2014, there’s a significant decrease of the phones’ price after not a long time. The SIM contract with a carrier and cost you twice as the real value of the phone. So think carefully if you want to own a phone right after it is released or wait for the phone price to come down.


things not to do plan phone

2. Don’t underestimate  cases and screen protector

Smartphone users are usually too excited about a new smartphone to remember to get a screen protector or a case. But broken screen is one of the most common reasons for broken phones. Gorilla Glass is extraordinary, however it can just do as such much. You can save your phone by equipping it with a screen protector to prevent broken screen or covering it with a case to protect inner components. The cost of those two things are much less than what you have to pay if the phone “nakedly” falls.

things not to do screen protector

3. Don’t install untrusted apps

Android APK files may contain malicious software affecting your machine. Be sure to download files from trusted sources like Google Play or you can refer to our articles to download as well as know how to prevent these problems. Android is the target of mobile malware due to Android users’ inattention while downloading apps or the high outer access ability of this OS.

things not to do untrusted source

4. Don’t forget to update

OS on smartphones need regular updates to fix bugs or increase security for the machine. Remember to up your phone to date once the machine has new updates. You can install updates automatically, the update will help the machine run smoother and safer. Because each new version of Android is normally more powerful than the last. Sometimes it can bring your phone a whole new look.

things not to do android update

5. Don’t forget to lock the screen

Mobile phone is considered to contain everything of your life, from your secret message to your credit card account. So keeping it away from other’s access is necessary and setting a locked screen is the easiest way to do. There are a lot of lock screen applications which not only provide you a well-design locked screen but also increase the security level of the phone.

things not to do lock screen

6.Don’t forget to back it up

Your phone is all about your life. So if you lost the device and it took all your valuable photographs and your changing-the-world project plans with it, it would be a disaster. To solve this problem, you can create a backup of your phone according to a schedule. You can save the data in your computer or upload to a website. However, let’s see the next things not to do in case you are intending to back it up online.

things not to do back up

7. Don’t store it all online

Or don’t store it online in just only one website to avoid any problem with your online provider as in the case of Megaupload. When it was broken in a period of time, all users data lost and they can cover it back. Online storage is convenient but to ensure that they are safe, you should keep an offline version or use trusted cloud like OneDrive of Microsoft or Google Drive.

things not to do store online

8. Don’t leave it in the rain

Skip this part if you are owning or going to own a Z or Aqua series phone from Sony because your phone is water-proof and raindrops are just like “throwing a straw against the wind” to your phone. If water touches any inner electric part of your phone, it will immediately stop working and there is a little chance to save the phone and the data in it. Long time suffer from high humidity can also crash your phone or make it lagged.

things not to do phone rain

9. Don’t let it overheat

Although being waterproof, Sony phones are usually complained about the overheating issue. Some recent fire hazards from Samsung also raise a concern about Android phone temperature. Overheated phone can explode or if less serious, it can make your phone a brick after sudden shutdown because of overheating. So pay attention to the phone temperature and close all unnecessary tab or let the phone free from working if you feel that it’s too hot.


things not to do overheat

10. Don’t let them see your tracks

Last but not least, don’t let your browsing history be captured! You can erase it in  Google Play services and your default browser. o erase Google Play history, access Settings >  More > Apps manager > All section > Google Play Services and tap it. Just as with other apps, you can access from the Application manager, choose that app and click Clear cache button.

things not to do clear browsing data

So those 10 above is the most basic and important things not to do with your Android phone. How many of them have you done? And do you want to know more tips like this? Stay tuned and let us know by comment or sharing!