10 Simple Tips to help you take wonderful summer photos

1. Sometimes guidelines do help you take good pictures.

There is one simple rule for a good picture: “Rule of Thirds”. The rule proposes that an image should be imagined as divided into thirds (horizontally and vertically) so that you have 9 parts, either equal or not as follows:




The guideline is that you should place points of interest in the intersections or along the lines to make your photo more balanced and attractive. It’s also proved by many studies that human’s eyes go to one of the intersection points most of the time rather than the image’s center.

2. Stop using the camera’s zoom function!

Yes, you should not use your camera’s zoom function because it will make your pictures not clear and look as if they are made of a lot of small dots and marks. Instead, you can either crop your photo or try holding a pair of binoculars up to your lens.


 3. Why don’t you try taking photos when you’re in a running car?


The impressive picture you’re seeing now is taken when the photographer was sitting a car, using “Burst Mode” function and editing it with Slow Shutter Cam. With this app, you can create many interesting moving effects for your summer pictures.

4. And taking pictures right under or on the surface of water is also fun!

However, consider it carefully if your phone is not waterproof :).


5. How about placing the cam at a lower or higher point like this:




By placing your camera at a lower or higher point, for example, on the ground or from a point over your head, you can see things in a totally different way!

6. You should care about lighting.

Compared to DSLRs, smartphone cameras have very small sensors. Therefore, they capture less light and less details. Lighting is a key element in producing high-quality images. Perfect lighting to take some shots are the soft sunlight in the morning and late afternoon. Contrary to many people think, the harsh light at noon is not the best for your pics.


7. Fill the frame!

If you are taking a photo of a friend in front of a beautiful landscape, don’t just zoom in his/her face. Fill the frame with the amazing backgrounds to give a sense of how splendid it it.


Vice versa, even if you want to focus on the landscape, the presence of a “little human” in contrast with majestic nature  will make the whole picture more impressive.

8. Using the sun for dramatic silhouettes should be considered.

Admit it, sunset and sunrise are two of the most beautiful times in the days to take a nice picture. Shot with the sun right behind your subject will create intense shadows and dramatic silhouettes that makes the photo look great.


9. Let’s play with reflections for interesting shots.

Before choosing your angle, look around to fine some puddles or water spots and create a new look into the old thing.


10. You can also create a tailor-made tripod for your smartphone.

A binder clip is easy to find and very simple to be made into a smartphone’s special tripod. Keeping your phone stand still on a surface contribute greatly to the quality of the pictures taken.